Criminal / Motor vehicle records

Court PC's criminal database contains records of more than 1,307,000 cases with discloseable felony and misdemeanor convictions entered since early 1991. Our database of MV case convictions contains records from early 1998 forward. The entire criminal convictions database is updated monthly from Connecticut Judicial Branch records. Cases from all judicial districts and geographical areas are included.

A search request may turn up cases with convictions prior to 1991. That's because the Connecticut Judicial Department has typically retained conviction information on its internal computer systems for two years past the end of any sentence or probationary period imposed at trial. Once that time elapsed, the record could be "purged" from the system. The more serious the offense, or the longer the sentence, the longer the record remained in the computer data. Court PC began collecting CR records data in 1993, and our database includes any data that was part of the Judicial Department's record as of that time (back to 1991. Coverage prior to 1991 is partial.

NOTE: Due to privacy and liability considerations, Court PC of Connecticut strictly requires a date of birth and/or street address prior to releasing a conviction report.

PLEASE NOTE: the Connecticut Judicial Branch website also provides discloseable criminal felony and misdemeanor conviction information. Anyone may access these records at no cost by going to the following site: http://www.jud2.ct.gov/crdockets/SearchByDefDisp.aspx. The Judicial Branch site often supplements the data found in Court PC's CR/MV database, as it includes pending case information and all dispositions by bond forfeiture. However, the Judicial Branch data doesn't provide positive identification of the named defendants (case record displays include only a year of birth, and no exact DOB or address information). The disclaimer posted on the site indicates that

"For criminal and motor vehicle cases statewide, conviction information is displayed and is available for inquiry on this website for a maximum period of ten years after the date of conviction. To the extent that Connecticut Practice Book Section 7-13 provides for a shorter period of time, this information will be displayed for the shorter period of time [emphasis added]. Please note that conviction information will be removed from the website one month prior to the expiration of the retention date."

Since the Judicial Branch Criminal/Motor Vehicle Convictions Search only covers convictions entered after Jan. 1, 2000, both CR and MV records have already been purged from that site. Court PC's criminal and motor vehicle databases are cumulative and are never purged.

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