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If possible, please submit your inquiries, requests for logins/passwords, and orders by e-mail.  To obtain a login and password (or for help if you forgot your password), or to request a search, to ask about how best to run an online name search or about the results you received, please use our contact form.


If you use another method to place orders, please include the contact info and search specifics below.


Your name
Your company/firm name (if applicable)
Your mailing address
e-mail address
Phone & Fax numbers


Name(s) to be searched
Type(s) of searches (Civil, Family, Criminal, etc.)
For CR/MV searches, subject DOB ( no SSNs please)
For CV/FA searches, Judicial Districts to be searched (if statewide search is not required)
Any special instructions (civil/defendant only, reply by fax and not e-mail, etc.)


NOTE -- Established customers will be invoiced for all searches ordered, either immediately or monthly, as preferred. New customers will be asked to pay for searches by credit card - don't e-mail your credit card info as e-mail is not a secure form of communication. You'll receive a call back from Court PC asking for the account details. Your card will be charged after we send our report to you. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.


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