Civil records
Court PC's civil database contains records of over 1,700,000 Connecticut civil cases filed since 1985. Records from all judicial districts are included. The entire civil database is updated twice a month. The database also includes nearly 4,000,000 attorney appearance records for cases active at any time after January 1994. It may be searched by party name, case type, disposition type, attorney name or Juris number. Our civil case database does not include records from the small claims courts or housing session courts.

Online civil records may now be searched for parties, attorneys or cases. Party name searches have been standard offerings on public records database for many years. These reports of an individual's or business's history of judgments and other litigation are typically used for trial preparation, due diligence, pre-employment or other background checks and investigations, etc.

Our Search All Appearances by Juris Number feature is also useful for investigations and litigation preparation. Users can search for all appearances by an attorney or law firm in civil or family cases from 1994 to the present. This search function is not available on the CT Judicial Branch website.

Court records researchers will also appreciate our Search by Multiple Criteria feature, which provides searches for cases by location, case type, disposition, file date and/or disposition date. This feature may be used to generate any of the following types of reports: a report of all verdicts statewide for a given period (or all verdicts for a particular case type in a specific court); all pending zoning or tax appeals in a given location; a listing of all foreclosure cases filed in the last two weeks, or any number of other reports. This type of search is also not available on the CT Judicial Branch website.

Our database now includes docket histories for over 2,000,000 civil and family cases, most of which are no longer available using the CT Judicial Branch website. Case detail records now display a case summary (showing location and docket number, case type, file date, disposition and disposition date), a listing of all parties and attorneys or law firms filing appearances, and all available docket information, providing a history of all filings in the case.

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