Using the Court PC database to search for Connecticut Jury Verdicts


Court PC is introducing a new online database feature which will allow registered Court PC users to search our database of CT Superior Court cases for verdicts for any desired time frame.

You must first log in with a Court PC user ID and password.  Select the Search by Multiple Criteria tab on the search page to define your report criteria.

For all verdicts statewide, leave the location and case type choices as "ALL" and select Verdicts from the Case Outcome drop-down menu. Then select your date range and hit enter.

Attached below is sample report content for all verdicts from 12-1-2011 through 1-31-2012, sorted by verdict date. 


Multiple Case Results through(2/1/2012)
Record found for:   Multiple Criteria
Location/Docket Case type Ptf Ptfs Dfd Dfds Disposition date Disposition Return date
NNH 08 5024691 S V01 SUMTER-SALMOND,TAMMY GRANT, FRED E 12/01/2011 JDGTVTD 12/09/2008
NNH 09 5025157 S V01 SUMLER, SAMANTHA E OWENS, PATRICIA E 12/01/2011 JDGTVTD 01/13/2009
HHD 09 5029793 S V01 MENSAH, CHARLES SWAMINATHAN, SUDHA 12/05/2011 JDGTVTP 05/26/2009
FST 09 5011707 S T20 RI POOLS,INC PARAMOUNT CONCRETE 12/06/2011 JDGTVTP 06/23/2009
AAN 09 5009318 S V01 JOHNSON, MARIA R PECH, CATERINA M 12/08/2011 JDGTVTP 06/09/2009
FBT 10 6006977 S V01 THOMPSON, DELROY E GARNI, DOUGLAS 12/08/2011 JDGTVTP 03/02/2010
KNL 10 5014045 S C30 PRESTO, JANICE MILLER, HERMAN E 12/08/2011 JDGTVTP 07/12/2010
FBT 07 6001611 S V01 CLARKE, JOEL FAGERHOLM, JOHN 12/13/2011 JDGTVTD 10/30/2007
MMX 10 6001701 S V01 MCNAMARA, JON E ARMSTRONG, JOEL E 12/13/2011 JDGTVTP 03/23/2010
DBD 10 6001916 S V01 LOPEZ, CARMEN LUNA, JUANITA E 12/15/2011 JDGTVTD 01/12/2010
KNL 09 6002043 S T02 PAN, XIU ZHEN EASTERN CONNECTICUT 12/15/2011 JDGTVT 12/15/2009
UWY 07 6000541 S V01 YEAGER, DONNA ALVAREZ, MARIA E 12/20/2011 JDGTVTP 05/15/2007
TTD 09 5005205 S T28 NETHERCOTT, DONNA DUKEHART, MATTHEW E 12/21/2011 JDGTVTD 12/01/2009
NNH 09 5031911 S T03 CORREA, LUIS AUTOTOTE ENTERPRISES 12/22/2011 JDGTVTD 10/20/2009
UWY 10 6004331 S V01 DIGIOVANNI, JOHN E CAVANAUGH, DREW E 12/22/2011 JDGTVT 05/04/2010
NNH 09 5030151 S V01 PARROTT, DAVID GUNN, CHARLES E 01/04/2012 JDGTVT 07/14/2009
AAN 10 6004785 S V01 WALTERS, DELROY YERGEAU, NATHANIEL 01/05/2012 JDGTVTP 11/23/2010
NNH 07 5010967 S T03 WILLIAMS, DIANE JOHNSON, JANICE 01/10/2012 JDGTVTD 05/22/2007
LLI 09 5005502 S T28 JASONIS, DOREEN PATEL, RASHMI S. 01/10/2012 JDGTVTP 02/17/2009
KNL 10 6006405 S V01 ST. LOUIS, BERLINE E SCHACTER, LEONARD 01/11/2012 JDGTVTD 11/09/2010
FBT 10 6009354 S V01 BAKER, LEANN CHAISSON, GREGORY E 01/12/2012 JDGTVTD 05/25/2010
HHB 07 4014879 S M90 MERCER, EUGENE, P. GAGNON, JOSEPH 01/13/2012 JDGTVT 09/11/2007
FBT 09 5025538 S V01 SADLER,TINA CHEN,SUI BIN E 01/13/2012 JDGTVTP 07/07/2009
HHB 10 6004513 S V01 TUFANO, VINCENZO WEILAND, SETH E 01/17/2012 JDGTVTP 05/04/2010
HHB 09 6001541 S T03 MASON, RANDALL ING LIFE INSURANCE A E 01/18/2012 JDGTVT 03/03/2009
NNH 10 6006851 S T12 JACKSON, THELMA ELM CITY INDUSTRIAL 01/18/2012 JDGTVTD 01/05/2010
MMX 10 6003399 S T90 LABRANCHE, ROBERTA ENGEL, MELISSA E 01/18/2012 JDGTVTP 09/28/2010
HHD 09 6005843 S C20 SHERBO, JOSEPH ALLSTATE INSURANCE C 01/23/2012 JDGTVTD 12/08/2009
HHD 09 5031192 S V01 BARRERA, EDWARDO, R E REIS, SHAWN, R E 01/26/2012 JDGTVTP 07/14/2009
AAN 09 5009867 S T90 TORRES, DAX MILFORD BLACK BEAR,L E 01/30/2012 JDGTVTP 09/15/2009
MMX 10 6003980 S V01 NUNEZ, ANGEL COLAGIAVANNI, JANINE E 01/31/2012 JDGTVTD 12/21/2010
Total records found: 31

Cases are selected if they display one of the three disposition codes for verdicts (plaintiff's verdicts, defendant verdicts, and general verdicts) and a disposition date within the date range selected.

Registered Court PC users are able to obtain complete case details (all party names, appearances, docket information) by clicking any docket number in the "Location/Docket" column.  Users have unlimited access to case details for any or all cases listed in the report.  Results may be sorted on any of four columns:  Location/Docket; Disposition date; Disposition; or Return date.  The report may be printed out or exported to an Excel spreadsheet using the "Export" function on the report page.

There is a $25 charge per search conducted using this method.  This feature will be available to Court PC users as of February 2012.

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