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CT Foreclosure list

CT Judicial Branch's online service listing of active foreclosure cases searchable by town
CT Judicial Branch foreclosure list by towns

CT Secretary of State Corporations Database

The corporations side of the CONCORD database maintained by the Secretary of State's Commercial Recording Division providing basic corporate information, including addresses, officers and filing history. Records for LLCs and other types of business entities are also maintained here.
CT SOTS corporations database

CT Secretary of State UCC/Liens Database

The UCC side of the CONCORD database maintained by the Secretary of State's Commercial Recording Division providing information on all liens and secured transactions filed centrally with the CT Sec of State in Hartford. Shows debtors' and creditors' names and addresses, type of filing, index number, and filing dates.
CT SOTS UCC/lien database

CT Judicial Branch Small Claims case search

Similar to the Judicial Branch's online search for Superior Court cases. The upper jurisdictional limit for small claims cases is $5,000.
CT Small Claims records search

CT Judicial Branch Criminal Convictions and Pending Cases

Search for convictions (last ten years only) in CR/MV cases by defendant name

Search for pending CR/MV cases by defendant name
CT Judicial Branch criminal search by defendant name

CT Judicial Branch search for pending cases

CT Records Center at Enfield

PDF copy of the Records Center brochure providing information about accessing archived CT Superior Court records and other materials from the CT State Archives
CT Records Center Pamphlet
State Police Criminal Records check
This PDF form is used for requesting a CT criminal records check from the CT Department of Safety, State Police Bureau of Identification. There is a $50 fee for each name requested.
SPBI form
CT Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification
CT SAVIN is a free, confidential service that provides crime victims, victim advocates, and other concerned citizens free and confidential notification about a specific criminal court related events.
CT SAVIN / Vinelink
Due Diligence Investigation & Fraud Investigation Database



Since 1980, Michael N. Moore, Paralegal & Licensed Private Investigator in Boston, MA, has been compiling the names of alleged and reputed swindlers, gangsters, embezzlers, corrupt officials, and other people you need to know about (122,300 records through January 2012, with over 5,500 records for Connecticut).   This database, in conjunction with searches of online commercial sources and relevant public records, is essential for background investigations.  These names can be downloaded into any other relational databases of personal names for fast mass background checks on campaign contributors, insurance claimants, employees, etc.

Due Diligence Investigation &

Fraud Investigation Database

CT Judicial Branch Law Libraries -- CT law about criminal records
A complete resource for CT criminal record location and the law about obtaining and using criminal records information in Connecticut.
CT Judicial Branch Law Library - Criminal Records
CT Legal Assistance pamphlet re: criminal records
This pamphlet describes your rights when applying for (and keeping) a job, and explains how your criminal record can affect your ability to get certain jobs and licenses.
CT Legal Aid on Criminal Records
BRB Listing of free CT Public Record resources
BRB Publications produces a Public Records Newsletter and numerous guides to finding public records nationwide. They also created the Public Record Retriever Network, an organization dedicated to assuring professional standards for document retrievers in all 50 states. This PDF file lists available CT government sites offering free public records with links to them. Links include assessor's lists in many towns and cities (some have GIS-mapping), plus many other sites of interest, such as the CT Sex Offender Registry and the Dept of Corrections Inmate Database.
BRB Listing for CT Public Records
CT State Agency Databases
GODORT is the Government Documents Round Table of the American Library Association. This list links to databases created and maintained by various CT state agencies, such as Department of Education or Department of Labor, or docket items from the Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC). A very useful link.
GODORT -- CT State Agency Databases
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